Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rekindled Blush Collection

Fiber Earrings:  The gray and pink beads are 100% alpaca fiber.  This is the same fiber used in the necklace and shawl.  The beads are hard, yet light weight.  They are hand made. These earrings are 3 inches long.
Fiber Necklace:  There are 9 alpaca fiber bead in this 18 inch necklace.  The center bead is larger than the rest.  Along with the center bead, 2 others are made of both the gray and pink fibers.   
Shawl:  The Rekindled Blush Shawl is made from 100% alpaca fiber.  It is both soft and warm.  First, part of a white alpaca fleece was washed and dyed pink. It was then carded and spun into yarn on a spinning wheel. Once it was spun, some of the singles were plied with pink and others were plied with gray.  The gray is un-dyed and the natural color of that alpaca. The gray yarn was also hand spun.  A 5 foot tri-loom made of hardwood was used to weave the shawl in the single strand method.  Fringe was then measured, cut and added too the shawl.

Shawl Pin:  The above shawl pin is also hand made from silver colored polymer clay.

Shawl Fringe:  The fringe on this shawl is just over 9 inches long.

Length:  From the nape of the neck to the tip of the center fringe, this shawl measures 3 feet (vertical). It is 5 feet wide (horizontal).

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fiber Folks and Fun

Back in July I attended The Ultimate Spinner's Weekend by Alpaca Fiber Solutions and Magical Farms.  I learned a lot, most of all that I truly enjoy core spinning, tri-loom weaving and am so very eager to try coils next!